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The Tubbut Neighbourhood House is part of the Tubbut Hall complex. The hall has been developed over the decades since the 1950s through the efforts of locals - fundraising through tennis days, seeking government grants and a lot of local labour.
For use of the hall and supper room, contact Helen Neven on 64580253.
The hall grounds have a  playground open 365 days a year.
Facilities at the hall include: toilets, a gas and electric barbecue and picnic tables, both under cover and in the open air. 
Be aware that mobile phone coverage between Orbost and Delegate is, at best, patchy.
A Telstra pay phone taking coins and cards is located at the hall.
Local Road update:
Accommodation options for those who want something more luxurious than a campsite, including BnBs and houses to rent. Contact Tubbut Neighbourhood House for more information. (02) 6458 0295

Local Natural Honey The Neven family have been producing their iconic natural  honey from Far East Gippsland since 1930 .
This family owned and operated honey production business came to Tubbut in 1930 when James (Jim) Neven selected the area to reside  in, although it was  initially  founded (by the nevan family?)  two  generations prior.  
The Nevens derive their delicious honey from selected pockets of native bush that surrounds Tubbut and the neighbouring small communities situated along the Bonang & McKillops Roads.

Along with a roadside stall, Tubbut Honey also delivers to Supermarkets and Green Grocers in Surrounding districts, so everyone has the opportunity enjoy this unique product.
In this quaint roadside stall petrol is also available.

Travellers please be aware that this is not a commercial petrol chain and sometimes fuel is unattended.  It is advised that you fuel up before you leave on you Journey.  Closest Fuel is located in Delegate (45km) limited opening hours, Bombala (95km) or Orbost(121Km). These ervice stations are not 24hr stations


Tubbut School was - like everything else in this area - built by local people who wanted their children to have access to education. The first school was established in 1941 on a site marked with a sign between McKillops Road and the Deddick River.




















School children on the roof of the first Tubbut School. I don't think the rules would allow that today!

Tubbut School has now permanently closed and the Neighbourhood House will be operating from the building.


Adult education
Workshops and facilities to connect to world wide e-learning are available on request at the Tubbut Neighbourhood House.  

AttractionsTubbut is a great starting point for visiting the majestic, ruggard mountains and crystal clear streams of the Snowy River National Park. A hidden, remote wonderland for bushwalkers, birdwatchers, 4 wheel drivers, horse riders, kayakers and anyone with an appreciation of the iconic mountain regions of victoria. The historical Mckillops Bridge, only  27 km from Tubbut is one of the few places where 2wd vehicles can access the mighty Snowy River. Further east in the park is Little River Gorge, Victoria's deepest gorge. The road from McKillops Bridge to Bairnsdale via Gelantipy and Buchan offers spectacular views with glimpses of the river. It takes about the same time as travelling to Bairnsdale via Orbost but is very steep and narrow for the first 12 or so kilometres - not for the faint-hearted.
Camping McKillops Bridge camping ground is serviced with toilets, barbecue areas (open fires) and is managed by Parks Victoria. Davd Butterworth is our current ranger and can be contacted on 02 64590412 during business hours. While he is usually out of the office, being a ranger, you can leave a message for him there.
As well as the iconic McKillops Bridge camping ground, there are also spots along the Deddick River suitable for a campfire or camping.




The Errinundra Plateau
Over short distances, a wide variety of forest types are traversed in the Mountain Rivers region. The Snowy River valley at Deddick has a lower rainfall than Bonang with all the variations in-between. The landscape changes as you travel uphill from McKillops Bridge from white box and Snowy River pines to the wetter forests of Bonang.
The Errinundra Plateau, south-east of Tubbut, contains unique montaine rainforest. Much of the plateau is contained within the Errinundra National Park whioch can be explored on walking tracks - short, with specially built boardwalks, or longer walks through tree ferns, sassafras and shining gums and mountain and alpine ash. The park is accessible from the Bonang Road and The Gap Road which connects with the small town of Bendoc. Find out more about Errinundra National Park at

Visit the Parks Victoria site for more information on attractions and tours. Download a map of the Snowy River National Park, 


Log Trucks

Please be cautious when traveling on the roads in this area. Logging of the pine trees has commenced on McKillops Road and trucks are on the road to Orbost Monday to Saturday.

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Before you travel these remote regions, Be Fire Ready.  Check the CFA warnings and incidents maps and download the fire ready app before you travel. Please remember that mobile phone reception is limited and unreliable. 


Emergency Services: For all emergencies please dial 000
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