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Tubbut Neighbourhood House is situated on the Deddick River in Victoria’s remote high country. 
The neighbourhood house is auspiced by the Deddick Valley Isolated Community Group and managed by two coordinators. Funding is derived from quarterly payments from the Victorian Department of Human Services and grants from federal, state and local government as well as private philanthropic bodies. We aim to deliver services based on the needs of the residents of this geographically isolated area, to overcome social inclusion and extend learning opportunities.


The Deddick Valley Isolated Community Group (DVICG) had its beginnings in July of 2002, after a revaluation and reassessment of the Deddick Valley Isolated Women’s Group. The group is made up of the residents of the valley (spanning 56km in length and 1.5 hours driving time) who come from a diverse social, economic and cultural cross section of society. We extend our programs to people in Deddick, Tubbut, Bonang, Cabanandra, Dellicknora, Delegate River and Goongerah.


The mission of the DVICG is to actively foster  cooperative, sustainable and effective community and personal growth, create employment, educational and cultural opportunities in order to sustain community stability.

The neighbourhood house provides opportunities for social contact, support for residents and organises workshops according to the needs and desires of local communities. These include crafts such as card making, silk painting and needlefelting, according to the availability of tutors. We organise community meals, facilitate meetings with East Gippsland Shire Council officials in relation to issues important to the area - such as roads and waste management - and work with Orbost Regional Health to present the annual Big Bonang Arvo which provides a smorgasbord of health services.


Because communication is so important to residents in this isolated area, much of our resources goes into the production of the monthly newsletter, the Tubbut Tattler, which can be read on this web site.



The Neighbourhood House has a wide range of equipment for community use, including:



Computers connected to internet


Equipment to turn video tapes into dvds


Photocopier and laminating machine

Equipment to digitise audio tapes and records


Cappuccino machine

Silk painting equipment and materials and wool for needle felting

Cricut Machine

Trailer and wood splitter hire

Pottery kiln


Opening Hours
8.30am - 4.00pm Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday  
Ph: 02 6458 0295
Mobile 04 8318 0715

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